03 January 2010

It's a New Day, It's a New Year

It’s New Year’s Day 2010. The morning talk show hosts are all reminiscing about the year that was, the stars that died and celebrating the fact that Spumante, Italy’s favorite sparkling wine, outsold French champagne in the U.S.A. in 2009.

The other thing they are talking about are horoscopes. According to the star gazers I’m going to have a very good, very profitable and interesting year. I think they always say that, but it makes me hopeful and I think that is the whole idea.

What they never talk about are New Year’s Resolutions. The Italians don’t know what they are, although they do talk about New Year’s Wishes. It’s almost the same thing, but not exactly. They wish for things and we work toward things, but it is close enough.

My New Year’s Resolutions for 2010 are few and fairly simple.

Resolution No. 1.
I want to travel more this year, do a bit more exploring. There are quite a few places in Italy that I have never visited like the town of Aosta in the mountainous northwestern corner of Italy, near the French border. Aosta fascinates me but I’m not sure why. It’s an old Roman town, founded 25 years before Christ was born, but there are many towns in Italy that have Roman roots including Saronno. For some reason I’ve had this Aosta itch for a number of few years now and 2010 definitely seems like the year to scratch it.

Resolution No. 2.
I want to write a book with my daughter. Maybe we will travel together this year and write an “On the Road” book. She is infinitely curious about people and place and things and wonderfully attuned to the world around her. And apart from the fact that she is such good company and always up for an adventure ….. she likes to drive.

Resolution No. 3.
I would like this baby blog to grow into a full blown web site and take on a life of its own. I want to see it all grown up with podcasts and video clips and all the bells and whistles this technology offers.

If I can accomplish those three things it really will be a very good year, maybe not profitable but definitely interesting.

Photos: (1)The bell tower of Sant’ Orso in Aosta (2) The Roman theatre in Aosta

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  1. and dont forget the travel reality show, or is that my resolution?