17 April 2011

LIFE: Ten Things That Make Us Happy

SARONNO, Italy - In reading the lists that were sent in I found that no matter where we live, we have a lot in common when it comes to being happy.

What makes me happy? Pouncing on Ol'What's Her Name 
Family, but not just blood family, but friends, old friends and new, and things that bring us together like a smile, were mentioned often. Laughing was important, especially laughing at silly stuff with someone you care about. Even being able to cry made the list – mostly at sappy movies, but sometimes just because we all need a good cry now and again to cleanse our soul.

The awareness of your faults and the ability to accept yourself as you are popped up more than a few times, while travel, beaches, starry skies, sunsets and sunrises were almost everyone’s favorites. Food was also high on the lists, chocolate, pizza, pasta, even French fries made a lot of people happy. They sure make me happy, and so does the fact that you took the time to send in your lists.   

Here’s my list of other things that make me happy – I tried to cut it down to ten but couldn’t decide which one to take off, along with five lists chosen at random from those sent in.

This is Ol' What's Her Name
What makes me happy:
1.    Having the courage to change my life as many times as I want
2.    Sitting out on my balcony with my feet up reading a good book
3.    Not wearing a bra
4.    Walking along the sea early in the morning
5.    The smell of honeysuckle
6.    Writing an article that touches the hearts of my readers
7.    Baking something delicious (and sweet) for the guys across the street and seeing their faces light up when I bring it over
8.    Cooking holiday dinners   
9.    Discovering new places
10. Speaking Italian
11. Knowing I am exactly where I belong 

  Monica (Toronto, Canada)
1. The first time I held my newborn son
2. Thinking about the first time my husband said “I love you.”
3. Eating gooey pizza
4. Laughing with a friend until we are both in tears
5. Being warm and cozy in my house when it is storming outside
6. Long, lazy baths with lots of bubbles
7. Being able to sleep until I wake up
8. To start and actually finish a book by Tolstoy
9. The smell of old books
10. That first cup of coffee in the morning

Carol  (Florida USA)
1.    Discovering that I haven’t really lost someone I cared about, I’m still carrying them inside me 
2.    To go back to a special place and finding it still special 
3.    To find a comfortable pair of shoes and be able to buy them
4.    Teaching my child not to be afraid of difficult choices
5.    Payday
6.    Random acts of kindness
7.    Roller coasters
8.    My iphone
9.    Getting a postcard in the mail
10. Music – just about any kind 

Joy (Kentucky, USA)
1.    The surprise to discover something new in something I thought I knew all about
2.    Reaching a goal
3.    Walking with my dog
4.    Watching any Johnny Depp movie
5.    Being in love
6.    To know that every day something great can happen
7.    French fries
8.    Petting my cat and listening to her purr
9.    Great hair days
10. Crying without shame at sad movies

 Helga (Basel, Switzerland)
1.    The sun shining in my bedroom window early in the morning.
2.    Being able to decide what to wear to work in 15 minutes or less
3.    Smiles from strangers
4.    Falling in love
5.    Knowing that, in spite of it all, there really are some good guys out there
6.    An outdoor concert in the summertime
7.    A hug from my mum
8.    Traveling to warm places
9.    The joy of making up with a friend after an argument
10. Reading Marie Claire 

 Janine  (the Netherlands)
1.    Telling jokes with my kids
2.     My oldest son asking me how I am
3.    The smile on my grandmother’s face when she sees me at the door
4.    Watching sea gulls
5.    Watching people everywhere
6.    Walking along a country road
7.    The way babies laugh
8.    Re-reading a good book
9.    Finding a seat on the train in the morning
10. Making a super good Sunday night supper

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