26 February 2012

LIFE: In My Opinion . . .

SARONNO, Italy – It’s always interesting to read  the public opinion polls taken by the newspapers  in various cities in Italy. Usually I focus on Milan and Genoa, but today I thought I’d venture south and see what the Neapolitans were thinking as well. The results just might surprise you.
Best Way to Start a Day
Readers of Genova’s Il Secolo XIX were asked:

Is the proposed settlement Costa is offering cruise accident victims adequate?
Yes – 50%
No – 50%
Total votes: 4,431

Is the proposed location of a new mosque a good choice?
Proposed location OK – 10%
In the port area of the city’s historic center – 57%
In the center of Genova – 5%
In another location along the coast – 6%
Not in any location – 22%
Total votes 24,188

Then they were asked: In your opinion, how was the cruise ship emergency handled?
Good – more than 4,000 people were saved – 59%
Bad – many passengers were upset – 41%
Total votes: 3,161
What are you hoping to find in 2012?
Love – 10%
Work – 16%
Health -  41%
Money – 18%
Total votes: 4,134

Should older women try to become mothers?
Yes – 10%
No – 60%
Each case should be decided individually – 30%
Total votes: 4240
The Costa Concordia
You Should Know: Genova is the home of Costa Cruises
In Milan, readers of Corriere della Sera were asked:

Italy’s Premier Mario Monti recently withdrew Rome's bid for the 2020 Olympics saying the Italian government can't supply the required financial backing at a time of economic crisis. The cost for hosting the Olympics has been estimated at $12.5 billion. Did he do the right thing?
Yes – 91%
No – 9%
Total votes: 3,143

Which of these news events affected you the most?
The killing of Bin Laden – 2%
The earthquake in Japan -  13%
The wedding of William and Kate – 0%
The Genova soccer team Sampdoria in Series B – 43%
The death of Amy Winehouse – 1%
The absolution of Amanda Knox and  Raffaele Sollecito – 2%
The killing of Gheddeffi – 3%
Death of Marco Simoncelli at Malaysian Moto Gran Prix – 9%
The floods in Liguria – 15%
Ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi’s fall from grace – 5%
The new Premier Mario Monti’s economic plan – 8%
Total votes: 8,162

How would you judge Premier Mario Monti’s first 100 days?
Good, he’s on the right track  - 33%
Not so good, it’s always the same group of people who end up paying the most – 46%
It’s too early to tell – 20%
Total Votes: 457

Tax evasion is a huge problem in Italy, so the question asked was:
What do you think about the government’s stricter controls for tax evasion?
Finally, it’s about time – 78%
They will never be implemented – 22%
Total Votes: 9611
Snappy Looking Guardia di Finanza
You should know: Finance and fashion are Milan's major industries and they are both constantly scrutinized by the Guardia di Finance, Italy's Internal Revenue Service. 

In Naples, readers of Il Mattino were asked:

Do you agree with the plan to allow advertisements in front of Capri’s famous Blue Grotto?
Yes -  14.6
No – 84.3
Don’t Know – 1.1%

There is a plan to arm Naples’ city police with batons, do you think it is a good idea?
Yes – 76.3%
No -  22.9%
Don’t Know - .09%

The concept of allowing merchants to decide their own opening and closing hours is spreading through Italy. Asked if they thought it was a good idea, readers responded this way:
Yes – 62.2
No -  35.6
Don’t Know -  2.1%

And finally Il Mattino readers were asked whether they preferred a Christmas tree or a Nativity crèche.
Tree – 23.4
Crèche – 70%
Neither one -  5.7%
Naples Via San Gregorio Armeno
You should know: The Via San Gregorio Armeno, in central Naples is the center of the world's nativity market, with several hundred workshops, stores and stands selling full nativity scenes and individual statues made of wood, plaster, terra cotta and even chocolate.

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