08 April 2012

LIFE: A Little Something for My Family

SARONNO, Italy - This week’s blog is a little different than others I’ve written. I decided that I wanted to give my family an Easter present, a small trip to Italy, and post a special video for each one of them that I hope all of them enjoy.

Video No. 1 is for my Aunt Florence, I could do no better than to offer this short video on one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, her namesake, Florence.  I hope she likes it as Florence is one of the ‘beautiest’ of all Italian cities, just like she’s the ‘beautiest ‘ of the family. 
 Florence Italy for Aunt Florence

For my Aunt Adele, a short trip to Venice, a city she has always wanted to see and hopefully will in the not too distant future. The long boats you see pulling up the dock are actually the local buses that go from dock to dock (bus stop to bus stop)  just like all buses everywhere. 

For my Uncle Ray, who loves flying and has his own plane and his own airport, the video I found is a pilot training to fly an amphibian plane on Lake Como. The only flight school for amphibian planes in Europe is on Lake Como, which is the best lake for planes because it is so long and narrow. A more perfect landing field for an amphibian plane would be hard to find.

For my Uncle Frank, just a small taste of what his homeland looks like, too bad they don’t have videos that can bring you the sounds and the smells from this corner of Italy where pizza was born. It's a fantastic place, full of life and energy and really deserves more than the three minutes on this video.

For my Cousin Ray who is saving his pennies to buy a Ferrari, here’s a road trip along the Amalfi coast and a few tips on how to “drive Italian.” After you pick up your Ferrari you can head south and check this out. I'd done this drive and it is just as hairy and scary as it looks.

And for my Cousin Jo Ann,  a video of the Dolomite Mountains in northern Italy, just in case she’s thinking about taking a ski vacation on this side of the world.

I hope everyone enjoys these videos and that everyone has a very Happy Easter.

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