05 August 2012

LIFE: Postcard From Lake Garda

SARONNO, Italy –  Woke up this morning, took one look out the window and thought – ‘this is a carpe diem’ day, it is a day to seize the moment and get out and enjoy this beautiful Italy that I live in. Today I’m heading north to the Lake District, specifically to a town called Gardone sul Garda on Lake Garda.  Unfortunately I can’t take you with me, but I hope you enjoy the photos and the short video from Lago di Garda Magazine.

  And one short video.

Buona Domenica a tutti.


  1. Why did you not include gardaland? Just wondering if it closed or not.

  2. Sounds like you have been to Gardaland and had a good time. I've never been there but I'm pretty sure its still open. The photos are all of Gardone because that's where I went today, but all the towns are nice. It's a pretty area.