02 September 2012

LIFE: Time Out

SARONNO,  Italy - Today's post is a photo post of Domodossola, a very old town in northern Italy, at the Centovalli of the Italian Alps. Since I'm on vacation the next couple of weeks, celebrating a very important birthday, I figured the least I could do is leave you with is something interesting to look at.
 It All Starts Here, the Domodossola Train Station

The Center of Town

 Postcard Pretty

 It's Another Italy Here
  The Local's Favorite Bar

More Bars in the Main Piazza
 Domodossola is Famous for its Chimney Sweeps
 There's a Chimney Sweep Museum and a Chimney Sweep Parade
 This Area is Called Centovalli - A Hundred Valleys
For me, living in Italy is a wonderful, never ending adventure, and I hope it is for you as well.

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