21 October 2012

LIFE: On the Move

SARONNO, Italy - Well, it's done. This is the last post from Saronno, I think.  From what I know, as much as you can know anything in advance here in Italy, next week at this time I will be back to the Italian Riviera, where this Italian adventure first started. I've loved my time in Milan and Saronno, but the sun and the sea have been whispering in my ear for a few years now, and I decided it was time to answer.

Because this is Italy, and because the Italians are famous for not confirming anything until the last possible minute, I don't have a whole lot of information about this move. I know that sounds crazy, especially to my fellow Americans, but it is what is is. Some, like Frances Mayes, author of  Under the Tuscan Sun, have made a lot of money writing about the quirkiness of the Italians and their Byzantine systems. She thought it charming, but she doesn't live here. It drives me crazy.

But the point of this blog is not to complain, not at all.  I feel very fortunate. And now, as I have to get out of this chair and continuing packing, I will leave you with some images of where you will soon find me. I will keep you posted.
  Porto Antico in Genoa

Hotel in Portofino
Lavagna City Hall
Hillside Restaurant in Lavagna
 Chiavari - Daily Food Market
 Chiavari Court House
 Ernest Hemingway's Home Away from Home, Rapallo
 Rapallo Castle
 Fishing Boats, Rapallo

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