21 December 2014

LIFE: 'Tis the Season

CHIAVARI, Italy – This is the week Chiavari hosts its annual Christmas party and everyone is invited. The party is held in Piazza Mazzini, behind the Palazzo di Giustizia right in the center of town.  There is music and dancing and free panettone and sparkling wine to toast the Christmas season.
 Welcome, Welcome, Welcome
The Red Cross, the local ambulance service, and other organizations that are always ready to help out when needed, set up tables in the hope that the spirit of the season will prompt you to reach into your pocket and offer a donation or two.   
Here's a look back at last year's festivities.

Good evening ladies, How about a little sparkling liquid spirit to add to the spirit of the season? 
 Shall We Dance?

Tis the Season to be Jolly - and Generous 

Too much celebrating? Not to worry. The man-powered ambulance is ready to go if you need a quick trip to the hospital.
 Sailing a boat is one thing, ice skating is something else. 
 Built in the 1200's and still standing
 Ohhhh, That looks good.

Merry Christmas one and all.

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