15 November 2015

LIFE: The Story of the Day

CHIAVARI, Italy - It's 7AM Sunday morning. The horrific scenes from the terrorist attack in Paris yesterday make the article I was going to post today totally irrelevant. Instead I've decided to post some early photos of the tragedy from the news page of Al Jezzera, whose journalists are still being held by ISIS.  There are no captions  - no words are needed. 

You'll find good news coverage in English on France24. Just click on the link and then click on "News" on upper right hand corner of the screen, next to "Weather". http://www.france24.com/en/20151114-apocalyptic-scenes-paris-hit-multiple-attacks

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  1. Nobody has a comment because nobody can find the words . . .the man on your blog with the French flag on his cheek says it all, without even uttering a word. Disbelief. Stunned. Overwhelmed. Tragic. These are merely words to address the atrocities witnessed here. If we are going to tackle these barbarians at all, it is imperative that it be done on a worldwide scale. May the Lord be with you Paris.