22 March 2015

LIFE: Pope Francis Goes to Naples

CHIAVARI, Italy - Pope Francis paid a visit to Naples, Italy yesterday and the city exploded with joy.

Three million people turned out to see him, including including 68 cloistered nuns who had been given special permission to leave their convents.  Hundreds of church bells rang out to mark his arrival and 1,500 singers with joined voices in the central Piazza del Plebiscito when the Pope arrived there to celebrate Mass. The photos will tell the rest of the story.
 Waiting for Pope Francis
It Was a Joyful Greeting
 A Proper Papal Setting
 With the Blood of San Gennaro
 Will the Blood of San Gennaro Liquify?
 Some of the Blood Liquified -  Which It Never Did for John Paul II and Benedict XVI
 The Nuns Meet the Pope
And the Pope Meets the Nuns
 Crowds Greeted Him Everywhere He Went
 They Cheered and Waved and He Waved Back
 It Was a Busy Day But  Not Too Busy for a Selfie
 It Was a Long Day, But the Boys Were With Him Every Step of the Way

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